Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Puppy Days! :P

Well, I'm pretty excited!  Tonight, we are going to look at (And probably bring home) some fluffy Lhasa Apso puppies. :P I know, fluffy, small breed, but I'm excited. :P I couldn't get a larger dog, because of our oaf of an Australian Shepherd, and I'm satisfied. :P Just think of it this way; The huge messes s/he makes won't be as big. :P Pictures will be posted!

In other news, I'm thinking about doing something strange....
I know, you're like
It would be hilarious at school, and I'd get out of swimming if I timed it right! 

Well, to wrap up, here is my adorable oaf of an Australian Shepherd!
Sorry, guys, but you're going to have to get used to iPod quality pictures for now. :/ Cameras are out of the question! :P More info later/tomorrow/sometime... (;

Ah, well I must go! :P
Bye, guys! <3

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Why, Hello There. :D

Hi! I'm baaack. I deleted the old H&H because of a random freak-out, but I think that we'll restart, and be safer this time.(;
For those of you lurkers that are new, I'm EH3, aka Ellie, and this is my blog about a horse freak, pretty much, and her journey in trying to learn Hunter/Jumper, become a better artist, hatch some eggs, get her orange belt, run more than 3.5 miles, and do it all while sitting in a pile of undone homework. :D Sounds interesting, no?
Anyway, I hope you like it. (: I'll try to actually add pictures this time!
 Eaugh, my nose looks big! xD
Blaugh, this reminds me summer is almost over. *Cries* We shall make the best of it!